Kenya Project
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  The Kenya Project is the NEWEST project at EWB VT! Our newest team is working with a community in Kenya that is currently struggling with water management issues. The community currently uses multiple hand-dug, shallow wells for their water access. However, during the drought season these wells start to run dry, causing water access issues and corresponding health issues that come with the lack of access. Our team's goal is to develop a source of water with associate treatment and distribution, to help eliminate the water shortage for the community of ~1750 individuals!

  With Kenya being EWB VT's newest project, this gives potential members a very unique oppurtunity. Team members will gain the insight and experience of starting and working on a new Real-World engineering project, while progressing with the team towards their goal of helping the community. With the project being a newer one, this creates a host of new leadership roles for the team. New members will quickly have oppurtunities to take on these important roles and really invest themselves into the project! Reach out to either of the projects Co-Leads (contact information below) if you have any questions about our new project, or if you are thinking about joining our team!


Please contact the project leads with any questions

Project Lead

Sam Hardy:

Hayley Capilitan:

Meeting Times

Thursdays at 6:00pm via Zoom